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The most sparkling destination from a long time, Darjeeling seems to get beautiful with each passing day. Nestled into the Himalayas, Darjeeling is the best destination for a splendid hilly escape. Every traveller, whether they are a travel enthusiast or not, has fantasized of taking a trip to the dazzling Darjeeling. The reason is quite clear. The hype we all heard about the awe-gazing views of the 3rd highest mountain-Kanchenjunga, the mystical air and breeze that makes you smile, the unmatched experience of sightseeing the wonders and everything pleasant about the locals is true. Apart from all the natural beauty, Darjeeling is a hub of adventures like trekking, camping, etc. With its panoramic views, it is a paradise for the photographers. An extremely pleasing destination for planning your honeymoon, altogether, Darjeeling has something good in the plate for everyone. The famous tea of Darjeeling needs no further description.

The History & Culture?

Darjeeling is a town of diverse cultures and has many historical stories attached to it. The people of Darjeeling celebrate many festivals and follow diverse traditions. Although, the land is dominated by Gorkha culture, you can witness several traditions of the other religions like Losar, Maghe Sankranti, Tendong Lho Rumfaat and Chotrul Duchen, etc. In the Biritish period, Darjeeling was the stop for the English officials to rest and escape the scorching heat of other parts of the India. Since then, Darjeeling is the favoured hill station for many.

Culture of Darjeeling

Facts Good to Know

  • Official Language
  • Population
    1.32 lakhs
  • Total Area
    2,092 km²
  • Currency
    Indian Rupee (INR)

What it offers to Travellers?

From natural beauty, astonishing sightseeing views, adventure trails to a lifetime of unmatched memories and photographs, Darjeeling has literally everything positive for its travellers.

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