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Embraced in the foothills of Himalayas, this unspoken beauty of nature's wonders is a retreat in itself. Dooars is one of the gateways to Bhutan and forms the only nitrate rich plain in India. You can witness a number of jungle and water streams flowing through this region, which enhance the natural beauty of this place. It is famous of its tea, timber and tourism.

Apart from tourism, dooars is a great contributor to the economy as it is the export-import from Bhutan plies through Dooars and the tea industries are flourishing along with the timber.

The History & Culture?

The culture of Dooars is much related to staying close to nature at all times. The locals grow vegetations for their personal consumption and the living standards are eco-friendly and simple in this region. Dooars is derived from the word doors as it the gateway to Bhutan, Sikkim, North Bengal and some North Eastern states.

Culture of Dooars

Facts Good to Know

  • Official Language
  • Population
    Approximately 2500 people
  • Total Area
    880 km2
  • Currency
    Indian rupee (INR)

What it offers to Travellers?

Dooars boasts a range of sightseeing attractions and wildlife spotting and everything linked with nature.

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