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One of the most popular tourist attractions in India, Sikkim prevails as the land of never ending beauties. It is the least populated state and boasts some of the astonishing fascinations of the traveller's world. Covered with the magical mystery in the form of snow in winters and freshness of the soothing sun and breeze in summers, you can never get enough of Sikkim. The eternally satisfying views of the mountainous ranges, the highly mesmerizing floral lanes, the curvy roads amid the hilly terrain and a state full of thrilling surprises, Sikkim has every reason to be the hyped beauty that it is.

Sikkim has impressed its visitors with its enchanting charm and splendid sightseeing since time and beyond. The state of tourism boasts some of the famous adventures and an array of fun activities for soulful and unforgettable journeys.

The History & Culture?

It is the state, where god still prevails in the form of love, contentment and peace. Sikkim is the hub of culture and historic beliefs. Sikkim was a kingdom and was not a part of India. It was only in 1975 that Sikkim became a part of India. According to beliefs, the Buddhist saint Guru Rinpoche visited Sikkim in the 8th century AD, introduced Buddhism and fortuned the era of the monarchy. Sikkim’s Namgyal dynasty was conventional in 1642. Sikkim is the only state in India with a cultural Nepali majority. The main religions are Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Culture of Sikkim

Facts Good to Know

  • Capital
  • Official Language
  • Population
    6.19 lakhs
  • Total Area
    7,096 km²
  • Currency
    Indian rupee (INR)

What it offers to Travellers?

Sikkim offers a state of mind filled with contentment, positivity, thrill and joy in the form of its endless attractiveness to its travellers.

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