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Indonesia is an archipelago surrounded by 17,000 islands and is one of the captivating tapestries of diverse cultures, natural beauty, and adventure waiting in every corner. It’s the largest island nation located on Earth, offers a wealth of experiences, from lush jungles to pristine beaches to vibrant cities, and is a desired destination for travelers who are seeking exploration and relaxation. Come and explore the enchanting archipelago, where every island has its unique story and holds adventures that beckon in every direction. Your Indonesia adventure waits for you.

The History & Culture?

Indonesia’s culture is completely indulged in the tapestry of Hindu and Buddhist influence, Islamic heritage, religious practices, dance, music, art, and indigenous traditions. The Indonesian people are comprised of various ethnic groups, out of which the Javanese are the largest ethnic group with almost 40%, and then come the Sudanese with 15% of the population.

Culture of Indonesia

Facts Good to Know

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    Bahasa Indonesia
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What it offers to Travellers?

Indonesia is the home to nature's most beautiful offerings, including beaches, tropical forests, deep seas, and mountains. Travelers will surely be wowed by the gorgeous beaches like the tranquil Gili Islands, Nusa Dua, Lombok, and Bali.

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