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Laos, a country located in Southeast Asia, beckons travelers with its pristine landscapes, serene ambiance, and rich culture. The country is nestled between the more touristy neighbors such as Vietnam and Thailand. A Destination that captivates the soul and promises a tranquil yet enriching experience. It’s landlocked in lush jungles, ancient temples, and a friendly atmosphere. Laos is known as the “Land of a Million Elephants,” which is famous for its amazing scenery, unexplored lands, and ethnic villages. The place is famous for its most spectacular waterfalls like Dong Hua Sao and Tad Fane.

The History & Culture?

Laos’s culture is deeply influenced by Buddhism, which boasts a rich culture and heritage in its temples, traditional arts, and festivals. The warm and welcoming people of Laos are known for their hospitality and kindness. Customs of Laos dedicates that the women must wear Phaa Sin, a long patterned skirt, while some tribal groups have their unique clothing style. The men on the other hand these days are dressed up in western wear.

Culture of Laos

Facts Good to Know

  • Capital
  • Official Language
    Lao language
  • Population
    7.58 million
  • Total Area
    236,800 km²
  • Currency
    Lao kip (LAK)

What it offers to Travellers?

It’s a dream destination for many travelers who are willing to connect with nature. The land is locked with the mesmerizing beauty of forests, caves, and never-ending waterfalls.

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