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Myanmar might not be the happening destination in your mind. However, the endless natural beauty makes Myanmar, an unbelievably good-looking country. Heavenly beaches with faultless water and white sand, misty mountains, twisted jungles, grand lakes, the extensive Irrawaddy River, the craggy highlands, the verdant lowlands – Myanmar's eye-catching landscapes are truly magnificent. The hub of cultures and inspiring architecture gives us clear reasons to plan our holiday in Myanmar.

The History & Culture?

Burma is a mostly Theravada Buddhist country. Buddhism approached Burma around the inception of the Christian era, mixing with Hinduism, which was imported from India and indigenous animism. The Pyu and Mon kingdoms of the first millennium were Buddhist, but the early Bamar peoples were animists. The people of Myanmar follow the Burmese culture and their traditions still prevail in the present day.

Culture of Myanmar

Facts Good to Know

  • Capital
  • Official Language
  • Population
    5.34 crores
  • Total Area
    676,575 km²
  • Currency
    Burmese kyat

What it offers to Travellers?

Myanmar is filled with surprises and wonders for its travellers. Experience the blend of cultures and dimensions of excellent architecture with the most appealing natural beauty.

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