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Boasting of the world’s highest mountain peak and 17 other peaks, Nepal is the perfect amalgamation of quaint hills and plains of heritage. The snow-covered Himalayas look gazing at the shining country. A small yet mesmerizing tourist attraction, Nepal is an ideal destination for adventures and spiritual development. The rejuvenating and content atmosphere in the plain region is worth every mile you travel. Nepal gained traction in the tourism industry primarily due to the Mt. Everest (8848m). It is only after visiting the astonishing country filled with sightseeing, the visitors were introduced with other enthralling adventures. One of the first destinations to include exciting adventures like trekking, river rafting, cannoning, Para-hawking, bungee jumping, paragliding, mountain biking and mountaineering. The peaceful landscapes and temples in the lower regions are meant to erase your quest of the chaotic mind.

The History & Culture?

Nepal, a kingdom in the old times still has a king along with the governance. It was only in 1991 that elections were held and multiparty were introduced. Nepal’s culture can be divided into Hindus and Buddhists. Although Hindus dominate most of the population, Buddhists have a special entanglement with Nepal. The birth of the mighty Gautam Buddha took place in the Lumbini of Nepal. The country boasts of rich agricultural thanks to its inhabitants.

Culture of Nepal

Facts Good to Know

  • Capital
  • Official Language
  • Population
    2.93 crores
  • Total Area
    147,181 km²
  • Currency
    Nepalese rupee

What it offers to Travellers?

The country has something for every tourist. Starting from solo tours, family trip or even a friend’s reuinion, Nepal is the tourist-friendly destination you were looking for.

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