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Vietnam is considered one of the world’s largest travel sites which helps millions of visitors every year to plan perfect trips. The place holds a captivating blend of natural beauty, culture, and heritage that beckons its travelers from all corners of the world. As a tourist destination, Vietnam is known as a land rich in ancient traditions that coexist with modernity. Nestled in Southeast Asia, the enchanting country is rich in the tapestry of experiences, from serene rural landscapes to bustling urban centers.

The History & Culture?

Vietnam’s culture and history are deeply connected to Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Visitors can witness the traditional festivals, rituals, and ceremonies throughout the year. The warm hospitality of the Vietnamese people is the hallmark of the country’s culture, which makes the tourist feel, welcomed and cherished. Most vital aspect of Vietnamese culture is rooted in their teachings and Confucius.

Culture of Vietnam

Facts Good to Know

  • Capital
  • Official Language
  • Population
  • Total Area
    331,230 km²
  • Currency
    Vietnamese dong (VND)

What it offers to Travellers?

Vietnam is popular for many things, from ancient towns to serene beaches, UNESCO heritage sites, and different kinds of coffee. Choose your desired place to explore and start planning for a gateway.

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